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Energy Solutions

Energy Efficient Home
energy efficient home

Energy efficiency is the future. In this day and age it is becoming critical that Mankind becomes more vigilant in the way energy is utilized in-order to take better care of our World and its environment.  Benefits of taking such actions are not only good overall but will also save you hard earned money.  Whether you are interested in becoming entirely self-sufficient or would like a few small changes within your property, Prior Maintenance can help you with this cause.

Power Conservation

power conservation

With all the electrical appliances found in homes, one would think turning them off in the day might save you money.  This is not always the case. We at Prior Maintenance have the technical know how to better advise you on how and what to do in order to make your home more efficient in the amount of power your home consumes.  Below are but a few examples of how one can achieve this goal.

Geyser Insulation

geyser insulation

By insulating the exposed hot water pipes and installing a geyser blanket, heat is better contained within your plumbing system resulting in less energy required from your geyser. In addition, less strain impacts components within your geyser resulting in a longer life span.

Timer Switches

timer switches

Timer switches can be installed on all electrical devices or appliances that remain on all day but are only required for certain intervals during the day or night.

Ceiling Insulation

ceiling insulation

A large amount of energy is required to heat your home.  By installing a high grade quality insulation within your roof void, above the ceiling, you can minimize the energy requirements to heat your home, resulting in less power consumption.

Solar Water Heaters

solar water heaters

Solar energy, in essence, is free as we have an unlimited source of solar rays being emitted onto the earth’s surface on a daily basis.  In order to heat elements, an extremely large amount of energy is required, geysers can account for up to 70% of your electricity bill per month.  By installing a solar water heating system into the current system feeding a geyser, one can reduce the amount of power consumption required by the geyser to heat up water.  This is one of the most efficient ways in which power can be saved, as the solar water heating system stores the suns energy by transferring that energy into the power required to heat the water within the geyser.

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